Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Coyote Linux / BrazilFW Update

I previously wrote about my Coyote Linux set up here. I did switch to BrazilFW on my home system, but I wanted to post a stat from my work system:
System Information
Kernel Version2.4.30
Machinei686 unknown
Current Date and TimeWed Mar 29 13:15:02 EST 2006
Uptime13:15:02 up 197 days, 2:42

197 days, that's pretty cool; the D-Link router that we were using had to be restarted every week to keep it stable.
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I started using BrazilFW when I noticed that uTorrent was maxing out my connections and causing limited internet access. When it had the same problem as Coyote Linux, I had to tweak the system to maximize the connections, while minimizing the connection problems. In the end I limited uTorrents number of connection, and increased BrazilFW concurrent connections.

The 486 I am using only has 8 Meg so it's probably below minimum requirements, but I can probably tweak some more usage out of it if I remove the Web interface. As well, if I switch to the IDE version, that may remove the necessity for extracting the floppy image to RAM. (Not sure about that one).