Thursday, February 01, 2007

Manually synchronize Nokia 6133 and Google Calendar

Work in progress... but I wanted to post it to start a dialog.

I've discovered you can export calendar data from the Nokia 6133 (which I believe is compatible with the 6126) to Google Calendar, and with a few edits, vice versa, using your Bluetooth connection and a PC.

One of my criteria is that I want to transfer calendar data without using web services or packet data connection. I realize this is probably very old school but I have disabled web access on my phone. This guy gets it..

First, establish a Bluetooth connection (this is a separate topic in and of itself). Set up OBEX Object Push. Enable My PIM Item transfer.

Select a calendar item on the phone. Choose Options and send via Bluetooth. Log in to Google calendar and import the .VCS file.

To export from Google Calendar, select your calendar options and use the private ICS link to save a local file in iCalendar format of events. Edit the file to remove the extra data before BEGIN:VEVENT otherwise you will see an OPP error on import. Save and rename the files with extension .VCS. Drag the file to your OBEX link, and the phone should indicate calendar event received.

It would appear that the Nokia only reads the first event. Subsequent events can be imported by deleting the first event and repeating the drag/drop process.

[edited Feb. 2]

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