Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bike Up racks me up

I had a great experience with a company called Bike-Up Bicycle Parking Systems Inc. out of Nepean, Ontario, recently that I wanted to share. I had been searching for over a month for a 3-5 bicycle rack for work so we no longer had to double lock bikes or fight over the one hitching pin affixed to the building. Their standard 4-ring rack (at right) was a little big, so they custom made a 2-ring version. I didn't choose the powder coat as I wasn't sure what colour would fit the best where it was being installed, so we may add some colour later.

They were great at answering my questions, and the time from order to delivery may vary, but in my case, it was less than a week! What a great experience after "dealing" with another company who after two feedback attempts and a voicemail, did not have the courtesy to call back. I even had to go to the City of Kingston to find a local bike rack manufacturer. I asked my own city where they sourced theirs, and did not receive a reply.


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