Monday, October 31, 2005

E-mail/Spam solution

I've settled on three tools to help me deal with e-mail:


They are all open-source, and all are SourceForge projects. SourceForge is "the world's largest development and download repository of Open Source code and applications".
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PopTray is my front-end and polls my e-mail accounts, and presents new messages or throught the use of rules, handles them how I like. I tell it to delete spam messages, and suppress notifications of low-priority messages. High priority messages get a special sound or pop-up message.

POPFile is the classification tool that identifies which categories an e-mail falls into. For example: spam, personal, work, tech. After training, it is very accurate. Here are my latest stats:

Classification Accuracy

Messages classified:43,743
Classification errors:141

(Last Reset: Wed Jun 1 10:29:05 2005 )

Only 0.33% of my mail is mis-classified. When that happens I teach POPFile the proper "bucket" for an e-mail. This did require a bit of training at first, but now it Just Works.

Lastly FreePOPs allows me to check GMail, Hotmail and Yahoo from POPTray as if they were real POP accounts. Since those three sites (that I use, there are many others supported) are webmail based, FreePOPs will scan through my messages and pass them on to POPTray. They take a detour through POPFile to be classified first.

Works for me!



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